The People Are the Solution to the Current Crisis in Democracy


According to the defining principles of a genuinely democratic system - as enshrined in the internationally recognized and legally-binding International Bill of Human Rights - for a system to be truly democratic, its authority is based upon the Will of the People, and its realization is secured by the Self Determination of All Peoples - that is, by cultural, political and economic decentralization.

However, unelected, unaccountable - and many would say, psychopathic - International Finance Institutions (IFIs) wield ever greater centralized control aided by the governments of the "western-style" democratic nations.   Paralleling the rise of centralized corporate domination are the exponential, ubiquitous, profit-driven assaults ruthlessly thrust upon the world's Peoples and the world environment.

The Solution to the mega-crises of our times does not lie within the edifice of its making.  Change will not come from within the system, obviously.  Change IS coming, however.  It is grassroots.  It is on the ground.  The Solution is The People.  Global Humanity has been quietly busy with our own agenda and our own methods.

The Earth Holocracy Proposal offers this People-powered upwelling of Solutions an honest, common-sense way to swiftly amplify its potency.  The Proposal is for the grassroots establishment of Real Global Democracy : empowerment of the world's Local Peoples in Global Solidarity, thereby immediately reducing the overwhelming assault upon human rights and planetary sustainability and allowing the People to focus upon the imperative of regenerating our lives, communities, our economies and our local environments.  Bringing together the creative-edge in human genius and working solutions, Earth Holocracy provides a solid vision for the rapid empowerment of humanity to deliver the world of common aspiration at this pivotal time. 

The Earth Holocracy Proposal for Establishing Real Global Democracy

How to Build a genuinely democratic, decentralized system from the grassroots

Step One.

Local Communities Stand Together to Claim their Human Rights.

Earth Holocracy offers a customizable Local Community Declaration of Rights to this purpose.


Step Two.

Local and Regional Communities establish (if they haven't already) their People's Assembly, and then recognize that their People's Assembly represents their Will and Welfare and, as such, the legitimate Political Authority of their Community.

Earth Holocracy offers a customizable Statement of Solidarity with the Earth Holocracy Proposal to Unfold Real Global Democracy via Universal Self Determination.

Step Three.

Build and Run the New System Democratically

A.  Build a global, decentralized socio-politico-economic replacement system from the Grassroots

The Real Global Democracy of the Earth Holocracy Proposal is built upon the inviolable foundation of Local Self Determination.  It is initiated by Local People recognizing the authority of their own People's Assembly to participate in unfolding a world process that replaces the centralized power structure of global domination with a decentralized lattice of global cooperation.  Earth Holocracy's map of the world would piece together in a dynamic process that re-defines politico-economic borders and social agreements from the grassroots - would be truly representative of our human diversity, ingenuity and aspiration.

B.  Ensure that the new system stays on track


Establishing real democracy requires the use of democratic organizational structures and processes.


Earth Holocracy customizes Sociocracy's organizational structure and processes to ensure that the new system is transparent, horizontal, accountable, efficient and genuinely democratic.  Fusing Sociocracy's Circular Processes with the torroidal Community-Building Mandala Processes, the proposed Holocratic system would be transparent and cooperative and based upon the informed, willing and mutual agreement of all parties.  The Flipped Pyramid of the Earth Holocracy Proposal would ensure that human industry, economics and politics are aligned with the authentic aspirations, values and ideals of the People; that all are equally empowered in the making of decisions that bear impact upon their lives; and that - by the liberation of local solutions and the free flow of accurate information through the new transparent lattice of global cooperation - humanity accomplishes the shift to the just, peaceful, sustainable, genuinely democratic and abundant world of Common Aspiration.



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The Earth Holocracy Proposal has been developed in the heartland of the Northern Rivers Rainbow Region in the Great Southern Land known as Australia.  Fresh from months on the Regional Community's Protectors Camp at Camp Liberty and connecting now in preparation for the G20 2014 in Brisbane this November, the focus for Earth Holocracy now is what Australia is contributing to humanity's climactic quest for justice, peace, sustainability and real democracy.

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